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[140917] Twitter Jaehyo

Reference no.1
We heard that while he was fooling around in front, he got hit a lot by the camera hood 

[Original] 참고자료1번
그는 앞에서 까불다 카메라 후드에 죽x을 얻어맞았다는 소식

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[140917] Twitter Zico

[140917] Twitter Fan to Jaehyo

[FAN] now what u gonna do bitch 

[Jaehyo to Fan] Is this.. provocation?

[Original] 이것은.. 도발인건가?

[Fan to Jaehyo] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ true

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[140917] Twitter Jaehyo

Here we have Mr.P from boy group B with his large double eyelids and sparkling eyes; he showed that he has no brains by sparkling eyes his hands and face in front of the camera even though a hyung of the same group was trying to take pictures

[Original] 커다란 쌍커플 초롱초롱한 눈동자가 돋보이는, 같은멤버형이 사진찍는데 손과 얼굴을 투척하며 삭퉁머리없음을 선보인 B그룹 멤버 P군입니다


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[140917] Twitter Zico

makingbeat with @.Poptime_ pic.twitter.com/9kFpKGZc5c

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[140917] Twitter B-Bomb

Using effort to try and look young

[Original] 어려보이려 애쓰는 척 pic.twitter.com/JH6z1CSAxO

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[140917] Instagram U-Kwon

Coffee time http://instagram.com/p/tCqRJ0sGDW/ 

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[INFO] Zico will performing of “Tough Cookie” at The Cry - Gentlemen on October 4th

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[RADIO] 140917 Teen Top’s CAP called Kyung during Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio (min. 52:49)

Source : CCJY 22

[VID] 140917 Block B Message @ 2014 Seoul Arirang Festival

Crédit : Seoul ArirangFestival

[140917] Twitter Kyung

Scary.. I dreamed a really really scary and cruel nightmare… This is the first time that I’ve ever woken up startled and crying like this.. In that dream, there were masked people smiling in front of me; the images of my friends and colleagues betraying me, and the maximized ugly emotions that people have towards each other in a small community… There were so many things tangled together, and at…

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[140917] Twitter Jaehyo, Zico & Match Up PD

The reason I can’t upload HD photos of the members is.. the HD is too good so they look uglier in the photo than in real life..

[VIDEO] 140916 KBS World Radio, Backstage Chat - Block B 

Crédit : KBS World Radio Channel

[140916] Twitter Jaehyo (3 pics)


Throwing a (picture of a) cutie too 

[Original] 귀요미 하나도 투척 pic.twitter.com/1LapexDepf

One more 

[Original] 하나더 pic.twitter.com/NqaG1MDE70

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